dmSwitchboard12 getting started

dmSwitchboard12 is easy to set up, and we're here to help. You can do-it-yourself with the video tutorial below, or take advantage of the ProTime session that's included with every switchboard.

With ease-of-use designed in, dmSwitchboard12 was built to be 'a switchboard for the rest of us'. The plan editor is fast and intuitive, and allows you to create a switchboard tailored to your needs in about 10 minutes. Like any technical product, however, you may need a helping hand if you've never set up a switchboard system before. That's why we include an offer of free expert help with every switchboard we sell.

Option 1: Let us help: take advantage of ProTime

Our experts can help tailor your switchboard to your needs. A 25-minute consultation is included in the price of every switchboard, where we'll interview you and create your first switchboard plan. Find out how ProTime setup assistance works.

Option 2: Do it yourself with this video tutorial